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GETCO Water & Waste Treatment Specialist




  • Achieve business excellence by implementable ISO 9001:2008 QMS.
  • Lead and develop the water and waste treatment industry in the region.
  • Deepen the concept of teamwork among employees.
  • Increase the total awareness towards quality and its vital effect on GETCO’s future business opportunities.
  • Expand business opportunities of GETCO through acquiring new projects that require QMS.
  • Dedicate the concept of continual development through encouraging creation and innovation.
  • Continually qualify employees through introducing the culture of continuous learning, either by training or self-education or any other means.
  • Reach our customer satisfaction scale to the ultimate possible point.
  • Maximize our profit and minimize the cost to the lower possible point by meeting all the above mentioned objectives.

GETCO is totally committed to improve water quality used in all aspects of life (Industrial, Agricultural, Domestic. Etc.) to meet national and international standards required for these sectors, we believe that by improving water we

GETCO contribute directly in protecting environment, improving people’s life, and rising living standards.


Our quality policy relies on building a quality management system that utilizes the concepts of continual improvement and customer satisfaction to form efficient core and support processes that will ultimately satisfy our customers and shape a better future for our business.


GETCO is doing its best to exactly realize the requirements, expectations, problems and fears of its internal and external customers. We work hard to meet these requirements, exceed the expectations, solve the problems, and eliminate the fears; and will go so far to present the ultimate value of customer service.


We are providing our employees with the necessary training and education needed to raise their performance, increase their productivity and inspire them for more creation and innovation.


GETCO is developing its relationship with suppliers and partners to add more value to products and services supplied to customer. All necessary resources will be dedicated by GETCO to achieve and apply the quality management system ISO 9001:2008

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GETCO Water & Waste Treatment Specialist