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GETCO Water & Waste Treatment Specialist


GETCO is one of the major OEM’s active in the field of water and waste water treatment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Our activities cover, engineering, supply of packaged plants and components, system manufacturing, installation, commissioning, Operation and Maintenance and after sales service.


GETCO’s laboratory is fully equipped to carry out all types of water and waste water analyses on a routine basis or detailed investigations.


GETCO’s lab is supervised by highly qualified chemical engineers and chemists whom their main job is to do research and studies to serve the client best.

Process Engineering, Design, Project Management, Installation Skills, Operation & Maintenance and after sale’s service are the heart of any caring Water Treatment Company. GETCO has given these activities priority and full support.


GETCO’s Process Engineers have the capability to deal with very sophisticated and updated computer software, which is used, in evaluating process design. Also our Project Managers and Engineers are very well experienced using latest computer software to meet client’s requirements and help accomplish “A JOB WELL DONE”.




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GETCO Water & Waste Treatment Specialist